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Sunshine Thrift Stores, Inc is a Florida based for-profit corporation formed in 1982 to assist local charitable organizations with their fundraising efforts. To help raise funding and awareness, organizations can outsource a clothing and household donation program with a trusted and registered community partner. By becoming the exclusive purchaser of clothing and other household donations the charitable organization receives, Sunshine Thrift Stores is able to supply local jobs to individuals, keep useable items from entering the landfill, and provide clean serviceable clothing and other needed items to the immediate community at deeply discounted prices. This relationship allows for the charitable organization to focus on their core fundraising mission and allow Sunshine to focus on operating for-profit retail outlets, all while shielding the organization from any cost or risks associated with operating the program. The for-profit nature allows for reinvestment into the program and professional representation of the organization. The monies received from the sale to the thrift stores assist the social service organization in the implementation of programs that may have otherwise been unattainable. These programs are also promoted though the interactions of the thrift stores and the public.

Over 13,000 Square Feet of Items for Sale


Our Thrift Stores carry a complete line of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, household and miscellaneous items, bedding, linens, furniture, jewelry, shoes, and much, much more inside a retail store the size of a grocery store!

With over 30,000 different items stocked at each location every week, there is something for everyone! Visit a location near you today! Each location has over 13,000 square feet of items for sale. To make things easy for our customers, the stores are organized by gender, type of clothing, condition, size and even color in some instances. Our stores are open 7 days a week, 362 days per year.

Thousands of Items in Rotation Weekly


Due to the donation process, the amount, type, and quality of items received changes daily. Every week, thousands of items are processed at each location to ensure inventory rotation. Items are sorted and priced according to condition, size, quality, style, brand name, and season. Shelves and racks are restocked daily to provide our customers with the best selection possible. To make room for newly arriving product, each store utilizes a color coded tagging system; a form of inventory management. Each week, 2 color tags will be advertised for sale at 50% off the original price to assist with this inventory management. With new product arriving daily and specials on already discounted items, Sunshine customers have a reason to visit often and save money.

Spacious, Clean Facilities

Our stores are prominently located alongside national chains in suburban shopping centers. We strive to maintain clean, organized properties (inside and out) and professional staff. Our locations are spacious, well lit, easily recognizable, and have convenient parking. Each rack is easily identifiable with signage for English and Spanish speaking customers, and organizational measures are conducted daily. Each store employs approximately 30 employees to conduct stocking, pricing, organizing, and customer service. Manager training programs, a drug free work environment, paid vacations for relaxation, and employee safety manuals are just a few of the ways we help our employees excel in their careers.

We Sell It or Its Recycled

Most items that are removed from the sales floor will be recycled in some capacity. Items are not moved between stores, (a trick some thrift stores undergo) ensuring customers the best selection possible. Clothing items that are not suitable for sale, or do not sell, are baled and recycled in various ways. Some hard goods, metals, and electronics are recycled with the assistance of local recycling facilities.

Sunshine Thrift Stores, Inc.
5017 Tampa West Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33634
Fax: 813-837-1308

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Founded: 1982


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Corporate Brochure

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